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With many years in the remediation and restoration field, you can be sure that Kala's team of experts will get the job done right the first time. For that reason, more than half of our business is from customer referrals. Our customers' opinions are highly regarded and we appreciate the trust they've placed in us.

We work directly with the home and business owner and the insurance company to ensure that everyone is satisfied. We understand the importance of communication during a restoration project so we are committed to keeping everyone updated on our status and the steps we are taking.

Water Damage Clean-up & Repair (Water Extraction)

Kala Construction provides professional water damage clean-up and restoration services in Ontario at affordable rates. Our reliable team utilizes the latest technologies, special extraction equipment, dehumidification equipment, and air blowers for quick and effective water removal from your property which prevent mold and mildew. In addition, it prevents any additional rust or corrosion damage to machines and appliances.

Complete Structural Drying and Dehumidification

Kala Construction has a team of certified and trained professionals which utilize modern methods for complete structural drying and restoration as per industry standards. We use high-capacity LGR Dehumidifiers to control the humidity inside your building. This ensures that no mold or mildew develops inside your property after water damage.

Sewage Split Extraction (Clean-up and Repair)

When flooding occurs, sewage spillage and blockage are amongst the most common problems every residential or commercial property owner faces. This is where our sewage clean-up services can be put to good use. We have an expert team of professionals which quickly analyzes the need of sewage clean-up and repair, and then starts the sewage remediation process.

Commercial Restoration

Kala Construction is a renowned name in Orange County for providing end-to-end emergency restoration services for disasters. We specialize in commercial restoration-- ensuring that your commercial property remains in the best condition after any hazard or disaster. Our certified and trained professionals can provide all types of water damage restoration services.

Flooded Basements

When flooding occurs, the basement is the most affected area of your residential and commercial property. The water damages can cause mold and mildew to develop in your basement causing additional damages to your property. Kala Construction offers professional basement clean-up and restoration services that allow you to restore flooded basements in the best possible way.

Leak Detection

Even a small water leakage or signs of seepage can create havoc for your residential and commercial property. You need to quickly detect the source of leakage and get it repaired from professionals to ensure no hazards to the property. Water damage restoration services from Kala Construction can help you with leak detection and restoration at affordable rates.

Plumbing Repairs

Kala Construction is a renowned name for all types of plumbing repairs in Los Angeles. Our team of certified and trained technicians are capable enough to handle all types of plumbing emergencies in the most professional way. We are known for our professional water damage restoration along with fire, mold, and wind damage services across Orange County.

Content Restoration

Kala Construction understands your concern and sentiments associated with precious belongings which have been damaged during a disaster. Our content restoration services help restore belongings and mitigate affected items from further damage. Our professional team ensures that all your personal and confidential belongings are restored in the best condition after a disaster.

Fire and Smoke Damage (Clean-up & Assessment)

A fire hazard in your residential or commercial property can cause severe damage. Kala Construction offers professional fire damage restoration services which will restore your property and belongings after a devastating event. Our fire and smoke damage restoration services include thorough assessment and clean-up to ensure that your property returns to good condition.

Emergency Board-Ups

Kala Construction offers emergency board-up services for your residential and commercial property which has been affected by any type of natural or man-made disaster. Our emergency board-up services protect your vacant property from theft and vandalism. We are known for expert water damage restoration along with fire, mold, and wind damage services across Orange County.

Environmental Services

Environment services by Kala Construction allow the residents of Ontario and Los Angeles to contribute to saving the environment by disposing of hazardous waste in a safe way. We offer cost-effective management and waste removal services for hazardous materials. We are also experts in providing water damage restoration along with fire, mold, and wind damage services across Orange County.

Wind and Storm Damage Restoration

Unpleasant weather can cause severe damage to your commercial and residential property. Kala Construction offers professional wind and storm damage restoration services in Ontario that help rebuild your property after a devastating disaster. We have a team of certified and trained professionals who provide quick damage assessments and accurate estimates to repair your property.

Mold Mitigation and Remediation

Kala Construction is a renowned name for mold remediation services in Ontario. We provide end-to-end mold removal and clean-up services for commercial and residential properties at affordable rates. Our team of mold remediation experts utilizes the latest technology, high-capacity dehumidifiers, and mold remediation products to make your property mold-free.

Equipment Rental (Emergency Power, Fans)

Kala Construction, the renowned name in Ontario and Los Angeles for providing emergency restoration services for disasters, offers emergency equipment rental services at low rates. Our emergency equipment rental agreement is very simple so that you don’t have any issues while renting a fan or emergency power in the time of need.

Vandalism Clean-up and Reconstruction Service

Kala Construction offers vandalism clean-up and reconstruction services that help you repair the damages caused to your residential or commercial property because of any vandalism. First of all, our team inspects and analyzes the area to assess the damage and then prepares the roadmap to reconstruct. We ensure that your damaged property is properly cleaned before and after the reconstruction work.  


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