Damage Restoration - FAQ

Q: I've got water damage, but it doesn't seem to be getting any worse. I can leave it, right?

A: Wrong. Speedy removal is essential to prevent serious additional damage to your property. A thorough dry out process will be necessary to ensure mold and mildew don't take hold, and to limit any rusting or additional damage to any machinery. Using specialized extraction equipment, our team will dry out the structure for you, and limit further issues.

Q: The building constantly seems "damp" – can you help? Am I likely to get mold issues if I don't act quickly?

A: We can help with humidity issues by introducing dehumidifiers, thus solving any wall condensation or related problems. If damp becomes a serious concern, it's important to dry out any materials quickly, especially as mold and odor can spread to unaffected areas surprisingly quickly. Mold can be a serious health issue, and we can help. Disinfection will inhibit regrowth, and we will also use deodorizing agents to remove that familiar moldy smell.

Q: My property is fire damaged beyond repair, isn't it?

A: The damage to structural and other property can often seem that way. Our expert team will first work with you to secure the property by boarding doors and windows, then work on water extraction if required – frequently, the bulk of the damage is caused by putting the fire out. Finally, cleaning and deodorizing will restore your property back to just how it was before the fire.

Q: I have a runny nose, and my children have constant colds and chest infections – I hear it could be because of the mold in my property. Is this true?

A: Yes, mold can be a serious health hazard, and urgent steps should be taken to eliminate it. Flooding, or even faulty plumbing can make your building environment damp enough for mold to get a foothold, and cause anything from headaches to skin rashes to chronic lung disease. Mold is generally discovered through visual assessment only, so a quick visit will determine the extent of the problem. Good ventilation, dehumidifiers, or even a non-toxic dry fog can be used to treat the problems, and household cleaners resistant to mold regrowth will ensure it doesn't return.

Q: I knew I should have had that tree cut down before the next big storm - it's blown right through my windows! What do you suggest?

A: We can make your property as good as new! But seriously, we can offer a full debris clear and removal service, plus any internal and external damage restoration required, including boarding and securing, and internal drying out services.

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